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Thriva Luxe

Stay Invigorated


Our multifaceted silky serum is highly concentrated with skin repairing peptides combined with Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Compounds to minimize the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles, supports thin, fragile skin and increases elasticity as it regenerates, and restructures.

EGF Neuropeptide Super Serum


Our Full Body Repair Cream will leave you feeling relaxed and invigorated. Use for achy muscles, skin irritations, joint pain, restless legs, neuropathy, eczema, KP & psoriasis. 

Ultra-Rich Body Repair Cream


Restore a youthful and captivating gaze with our rejuvenating eye cream that is a combination of anti-aging ingredients along with All Natural Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Compounds that are rich in anti-oxidants.

Eye Revive


Our innovative Resveratrol Peptide Complex is combined with Hyaluronic Acid in conjunction with a powerful muscle-relaxing blend of peptides.

Face Revive Daily Moisturizer

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